The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

Una carta para ti

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Dear Savina,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and am excited to be your mama.  You are SO cute!  I can't wait to hold you!  We will be there soon.  :)

What's Next?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We've had a lot of questions about our next steps, so I will try to outline it here.  We've also the following two questions from nearly everyone:  When do you go to Peru?  Does she speak English?  I should probably just print up a little sheet to hand people when they ask about our adventure.  It could read like this:  

Choose your answer from the following choices:
- She is nine and most likely does not speak much English. 
- We will be there for a month.
- Lima has a climate similar to coastal California.
- No, she doesn't know enough English yet to be in your school. 
- No, we are not going to rename her ________(insert your name here).
- Inka Kola is just okay.

Does that help?  :)

Our next big step is to file the I-800 petition. It provisionally approves us to adopt Savina -we are approved by the US as an adoptive couple, now the US has to approve Savina to be adopted. 
Along with the I-800 we must send in the Article 16 report from Peru. Peru will also send us an official letter offering Savina to us to adopt, which we must also attach. Then we send in the I-864W.
The DS-230 gets sent to the Peruvian Embassy, at a slightly later date.

In about 3-4 weeks we'll get a provisional approval from USCIS. Once you
have that, it's my understanding that we are able to travel. 
So now it is very clear, I'm sure.
In about seven weeks I will be done teaching school and my heart can be fully dedicated to my family and our life here.  It will be such a sweet reward after this beautiful and exhausting experiment that has been teaching middle school.  I thank God for all it has taught me about myself and what I am and am not.  I thank Him for all of the lives that have intersected and connected with mine in the process.  I even found a few to keep as friends! (Safeway was quiet until we arrived...)

Referral Letter Arrives!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four paragraphs to contain two years of anticipation, five futures, and countless tears and prayers.  There they are.  This document is our official referral that Savina will soon be a LaBatt.  It seems so short, yet makes an adequate cover sheet for the dozens of pages that preceded it.  Little Savina is about to take the next step in the journey that began in the jungle of Peru nearly ten years ago.  Does she even know?  Probably not yet.

Will we know the day on which someone will come into her world and announce to her that a new family is on their way?  Who will explain to her who we are, and how much we already love her?

What will she think of arriving to Arizona during our hottest month?  I guess that last one she might not need to know about until she gets here!  "Oh, by the way, we forgot to tell's going to be over 100 degrees for the next three months...surprise!"