The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

Birth Certificate!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
It's been awhile since we gave you an update. We have good news.

The Pastor has returned from the jungle with Savina's birth certificate. Wow! What a story he told! We have been told that Americans are not to travel to this region. You hear those warnings and think big deal, there's a greater chance you might get robbed if you're not careful or get stung by some nasty bug. Turns out it's a bit riskier than that.

Savina and Pastor Santiago with Savina's birth certificate
He had to make two trips into the jungle during heavy rains...Spanish is a second language for some there, many only speak their native tongue...heard machine gun fire from drug stopped and had to explain his mission to officials that are fighting drug traffickers....hired a 4x4 for some of the journey because of so much standing water and mud....hired a ride on the back of a motorcycle for 3 hours during heavy downpour, mud and a beginning stuck in a town with no lodging or restaurant and ended up staying with a to the tribe that maintains the records and everyone was drunk and the record official gone for several days....he ran out of money....when his sister wired more money the line at the bank was several hours long....when he finally tracked down the official, the man didn't understand what adoption is....after explaining it, it took three hours to fill out the birth certificate you see in the photo.

Whew! And there's more to the story than that. The Pastor is an amazing man that truly displays the heart of Christ for others. He makes three trips each year to visit the tribe where Savina was born and has promised to send us photos from future trips. We also want Savina to have the opportunity to maintain that connection.

Savina and Emily play in the back yard
Savina is an amazing girl. Already I can't imagine our family without her. She laughs all the time, loves to play with the girls and has many questions about life in the US. She keeps wanting to know why we're waiting so long to travel....can't wait to be in the US among "gringos" as she calls us.

Tomorrow we are going to get Savina's Peruvian passport. After that we can schedule her embassy medical check and last, the travel visa. We're getting down to the end but have plenty of time to do everything before our return flights. Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughtful words. They mean very much to us!

Beach visit on Saturday afternoon

Dinner in Barranco for Father's Day

Reading stories
Fashion shoot!


  1. Delaney said...:

    haha good job karebear on the bloggin!! :)
    Roberto like i said is...AMAZING!!!!

  1. Brenda said...:

    So happy to hear that you have Savina's birth certificate. Amazing what he went through to get it!

    Myah keeps asking about Emily and hopes to see her again before you leave.

    We had a good time on Friday night, thanks for coming over.


  1. Calley said...:

    What an adventure!! So happy for your family!