The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

Passport and Embassy Medical

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday morning we went to get Savina's passport in downtown Lima....a potentially complicated process. There are even people on the street outside the office offering to help locals through the process for a price. We took 2 cabs and went with Karina (our guide) and her mom (the one with connections!). Normally a several hour process, they talked to the right people and were able to get it down to one hour. There was only one tense moment when an agent was not sure he could accept the copy of the birth certificate. But, thank God, he passed us through and Savina has a passport!

Karina was then able to schedule Savina's US Embassy medical checkup. They were adamant that there were no appointments available before the third week of July. It took some convincing and throwing around some case numbers (to make it sound more official) to get us in end of day today.

Savina is a very brave girl. Even though she has lived here for 6 years almost everything we do is a first for her. You don't get exposed to much in an orphanage. It's a little hard for us to comprehend....choosing when and how much you eat, walking in public among people you don't know, being outside after dark. She is adapting more each day. We are very proud of her.
The Museum of Electricity

Thursday was a lazy day. Since there wasn't any adoption business we went grocery shopping and took a cab a few miles down the coast to Barranco. It is a city with much character. Once the summer vacation destination for the wealthy, it has many ornate homes and a terrific ocean view. We walked around a bit, toured a museum and ate pizza at an italian restaurant.

Tomorrow morning we are going to catch a bus south for our first trip out of the city. We only have three days so we are going down the coast to Paracas. We are looking forward to sunshine and sandy beaches!

Overlooking Barranco

Walking down to the coast

Street artist working with chalk


  1. Delaney said...:

    have fun at the beaches and all that good stuff!!!
    p.s. the street artist is my friend!

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    If you are interested in being part of an Peru adoption group on Facebook, please send me an email at

    So great to find you and hear about your adventure!