The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

The LaBatt family welcomes Savina Grace!

Visa Application complete

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
We went to the US Embassy on Tuesday afternoon to submit papers for Savina's travel visa. The visit was uneventful just as we hoped it would be! The agent said the papers were in order and the visa can be picked up Thursday afternoon. Hooray! That was the last step in this long process.

We are thankful that everything has happened on schedule. It has taken the entire time our agent predicted. For most it would be shorter but retrieving the birth certificate was time consuming. We later found out that another family had to use "Plan B" to get a birth certificate from the jungle and it took two years. Thanks again to Pastor Roberto for making it happen!

Following are some pictures from our trip over the weekend to Paracas and Ica, about 4 hours south of Lima by bus. We had a great time at the beach, taking a boat tour to the Ballestas Islands and an afternoon in the dunes of Ica.

In front of the harbor in Paracas
Friends we met on the beach

Savina's first boat ride

Ballestas Islands
Nat'l Geographic scenery

Enjoying the boat ride

Savina isn't sure she likes being close to a large animal.

At the bell tower of Tacama Vineyard in Ica.


  1. Elizabeth said...:

    I love the picture of Savina in her daddy's arms. It looks like Emily is the large animal Savina is afraid of!! So glad you share photos and stories with us!!!